Cedric D.T. Jackson, Jr. of CEDRICMediaâ„¢

About the Founder

Cleveland Heights High school. It was during this experience that he realized that he had "perfect" or "absolute" pitch. Cedric was able to maintain an A+ in the class, and receive college credit for an outstanding score on the course's Advanced Placement exam.

As his class of 2009 commencement speaker, Cedric graduated an honors student, and received a full ride to study at John Carroll University.

It was not until Cedric graduated from high school and began majoring in Computer Information Systems at JCU that his love for graphic design truly manifested. During his freshmen year of college, Cedric founded CEDRICMedia™, in order to specialize in web and graphic design, while also providing music services.

Cedric currently works as a full-time Front-end Web Developer for AmTrust Finanical. Working on a Front-end Web Development team of 8. he, along with my teammates, design website/application mocks, and code responsive websites for new and existing insurance products. Under the umbrella of CEDRICMedia™, Cedric currently works as a graphic art designer, professional drummer, bassist, pianist, and Hammond organist.

Cedric's passion for music has granted him numerous opportunities to utilize his musical talents in a variety of venues for many artists. Of his musical accomplishments, Cedric deems accompanying the eight-time Grammy and Academy Award winning gospel artist, Pastor Andraé Crouch, on piano as one of his greatest. Cedric also composes, arranges, and produces music for Christian and Gospel artists.

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